Emory Grove Interlocking/B19.6 Emory Grove Interlocking/B19.6

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One of the oldest WM photos I've posted c.1880. I believe would be this one here at what to was called Emory Grove Station. Perhaps this was long before Glyndon. (The Baltimore County Public Library Collection, photo by Mrs. Donald Wilson)

WM's original Emory grove Train Master and Train Order Office. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)

Old wooden box cars served the purpose of the Emory Grove freight and tool sheds in 1917. The second photo is the old scale house. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photos)

WM GP9 44 painted in the Chessie System scheme and numbered 6419 brings a train east passing the Emory Grove train-order office in July 1977. (Jack Brown photo)

Emory Grove Interlocking/train-order office. (The Baltimore County Public Library Collection)

Remains of the Emory Grove train order office and the interlocking switch components. (5-10-12)

WM SD40 7447 leads an eastbound WM train off the Hanover Sub and onto the East Sub at Emory Grove. (photo by Bill Hopkins)

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