Highfield/B69.8 Highfield/B69.8

A connection with the WM's Hanover Sub to Emory Grove via Gettysburg/Hanover. A 3285 foot siding and a 335 foot side track was on the Hanover Sub connection here at Highfield.

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CSX D795 comes into Highfield and drops the train. The coal will be set off for the Maryland Midland to pick up and then the locomotives will pick up the train of D799.

CSX D799 is waiting at Highfield for D795 to arrive. They have dropped two locomotives on the East Sub for D795 to continue east. In the second photo D795 has arrived and has coupled it's two locomotives to the two locomotives of D799. The 2260 will then take D795's train east while the 7847 will head back west as train D799.

Looking down the MMID towards CSX trackage on October 23, 2009. (Brendan G. photo)

The former Highfield turntable, perhaps in 1918. This table as says was "75 long". (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photo)

The scene at Highfield in June 1977. I was maybe 6 months old at the time this photo was taken. (Mason Cooper photo)

The Highfield train order office and a view west from the office in 1979. (Don Biggs photos)

CSX D799 crests the mountain and passes the B93 milepost on the Hanover Sub. (May 1998)

The WM building and signal both look in great shape in this photo taken in 1979. If you model the WM, this would be a good photo to use to model or just to get the correct color. (Don Biggs photo)

CSX stopped at Highfield, crew will make a personal run to the nearby hobby shop next. (12-12-17)

February 9, 2019 at 1011, CSX B702 has ran east from Hagerstown and has now stopped at Highfield. The units will place its train in the siding here then run a little ways east to place the EOT(End of Train) device on the other set of cars sitting in the opposite siding. The crew will prepare CSX 291 and radio check for the return trip west to Hagerstown.

Another CSX train enters WM's former Hanover Sub. The track on the left is the former East Sub now part of the Maryland Midland Railway.

A Maryland Midland train is parked in the siding at Highfield.

D795 is on the Hanover Sub at Highfield. The train is passing the state line marker and entering Pennsylavania.

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