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Hillen Engine House, photographed in 1917. The engine house was at the corners of Terminal and Constitution streets, just railroad west of the Hillen Street Station. In 2013 only Constitution Street remains and the location of the former engine house was off to the right inside the area walled off. (Thanks to Mike Yeter and Warren Hart for the 1917 photo and Darren Talbert for the 3-28-13 photo)

WMRY's Hillen Warehouse, photo collection of The Baltimore County Public Library.

WM's Hillen Street Warehouse back in 1917 still stands today and is owned and operated by "Public Storage". The address for the warehouse is 842 Hillen Street Baltimore, MD 21202. The warehouse was known as the Fidelity Warehouse. In the second photo from 2013, the warehouse is seen from the same side as the 1917. In the 2013 photo we are looking at the warehouse from Fallsway St. Orleans Street(Rt.40) is up on the bridge in this photo by Darren Talbert. (Thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for 1917 photo)

Ok, took a bit looking at maps to determine these photos at Hillen Station. The frist photo is looking railroad east on High Street at Hillen Street. The original Hillen Station would have been at the corner of the left. Now looking railroad west on High St. in the second photo the warehouse can be seen off to the left. The Hillen Station, passenger platforms, and tracks once on the right of High St. Inside the walled-off area is now. (3-28-13, Darren Talbert Photos)

A final look at the side of the former WM warehouse from High Street. Notice the "WESTERN MARYLAND" can still be seen just overtop the third story windows. (3-28-13, Darren Talbert photo)

WM's second Hillen Station was this small building constructed in 1954. After the WM ended passenger service the building became a doctor's and agent's office. The building was later for sale and torn down. (Thanks to Jack Brown for photo)

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