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I am guessing that this station, KIRK, was west of McDonogh and east of Owings Mills due to the milepost number on the photograph and the "BC" at the top left. Anyone know for sure where Kirk was? (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photo)

Two photos of the McDonogh station and school c1880 and again after double track was added in the 1930s. The McDonogh School was started in 1873 as a farm school for poor boys by the city of Baltimore. Funds came from the estate of John McDonogh who died in 1850. The first principal was Colonel William Allen, a former Confederate ordnance officer and professor of applied mathematics at Washington and Lee University. The McDonogh School gradually shifted from its farm orientation, selling its dairy herd in 1963. The school discontinued its military program at the end of the 1971 school year. This view is of the Western Maryland Railway station at the school. (photos and info from The Baltimore County Public Library Collection)

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