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Before and After photo looking west up the tracks in July 1977 and again in May 2012. The photos were taken at the former site of the Owings Mills Station. The station foundation can still be seen on the right behind the shopping cart and pile of crossties in the second photo. (station photo by Jack Brown)

WMRY's Owings Mills Station photographed in July 1977. (Jack Brown photo)

These two photos are looking east down the tracks at the station and again at the former site of the station at Owings Mills. (Jack Brown photo July 77' and Jeremy Cooper 5-10-12)

Two photos looking east and back west of what remains of the former track alignment at Owings Mills. The tracks were moved a short distance west to where they are today to avoid the street crossing of Rt. 140. The track to the left in the second photo leads to a trestle for unloading hoppers or covered hoppers into trucks, etc. This trestle is intact but surrounded with trees. The track to the right is what is left of the former WM mainline that crossed Rt. 140. (5-10-12)

In these two photos you can actually see the coal trestle that is at Owings Mills. The trestle was still in use when these photos were taken. The trestle still survives as on 2012 but is surrounded by trees. *Notice the original WM Owings Mills Station in the first photo seen behind the trestle. Notice the steeple roof also as it is gone in the 2012 photo below. (July 1977 Jack Brown photos)

The first photo shows the trestle mentioned above in the trees. Both photos were taken from the original WM main as the second photo is looking west. In the second photo the original Owings Mills Station can be seen across Rt. 140 on the left. The rails are pulled up but still lie on the right-of-way approaching the street crossing. (5-10-12)

First photo was take again on the old WM mainline across the street crossing beside the original station. The second photo is looking down at the WM/CSX bridge that crosses Rt.140. This bridge is on the new route of the WM that bypassed the original station and the street grade crossing. (5-10-12)

An old photo from the Baltimore Sun newspaper of the WM bridge at Owings Mills. (Thanks to Jack Brown for photo)

Looking west from atop the track and Rt.140 bridge at Owings Mills on the new line. Notice the old faded WM, "WARNING KEEP OFF THE BRIDGE" sign and the current CSX Warning sign. (5-10-12)

Just west of the Rt.140 bridge the WM has a grade crossing at Groff Lane. The old WM B15 Milepost can still be seen along a CSX replacement. (5-10-12)

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