Pen Mar/B71.8 Pen Mar/B71.8

A steam train at the Pen Mar Station platform in 1878. Over 120 years later CSX train D795 reaches the East End of the former Pen Mar passing siding. (June 1998)

Front and rear view on May 25, 1917 of the Pen Mar station. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for these photos)

A WM train has reached the top of Pen Mar Grade in 1974 and CSX D795 does the same in 1998.

The old telegraph office was between the highway bridge also pictured here and the Pen Mar station around the curve for the bridge. These photos were taken in 1918 and 1917. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for the photos).

D795 passes the newer Chessie era B95 milepost as it reaches the top of the grade a Pen Mar. (May 1998)

B702 is eastbound at Pen Mar on February 9, 2019 at 1004.

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