Potomac Avenue/B85.9 Potomac avenue/B85.9

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CSX train D795 rounds the curve after passing NC Tower, crosses Rt.11/Pennsylavania Avenue, and begins the trip Highfield. (2004)

CSX D798 departs Hagerstown yard and is crossing Pennsylavania Avenue on January 26, 2019 at 0904 am. The train will run to Gettysburg and drop the cars it has in tow for the Gettysburg & Northern Railroad.

CSX D799 is westbound climbing the grade into Hagerstown approaching Forrest Rd. (May 1998)

CSX B702 is returning from at trip to Highfield to exchange cuts of cars and is nearing Hagerstown at 1214 on February 9, 2019. The train is climbing the grade again at Forrest Road in Hagerstown.

CSX D795 approaches the B109 milepost on its trip east to Highfield. (June 1998)

D799 rounds the curve and passes the B109 milepost. *Note; the milepost today is numbered for the track on the Hanover Sub to Baltimore, rather than the shorter WM line via the East Sub. (May 1998)

D798 is eastbound at Mulberry Avenue and the B109 on January 19, 2019 at 0912 am. A signal has been installed here as well as an "approach signal" to the new signals controlling NC Crossing/TOWN.

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