East End of Fairplay/B142.6 East End of Fairplay/B142.6

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Nearing the east end along the siding as it curves around to Keifer. More crossties are on the right. (4/30/97)

Here is where the road stops that today runs west up the right-of-way from Keifer. This location is about 1/3 into the siding at Faiplay from the East End.

The rusting post to the right of the photo used to blong to a WM telephone box near the East End of Fairplay.

This is a shot of the right-of-way at the East End of Fairplay at Keifer. The WM is being used by a farmer to reach his field wst of here. This location is where the siding ended and the WM had a short side track here also at the East End of Fairplay. The main road now Md. Rt. 51 once crossed the WM tracks here then bridged the Potomac into Paw Paw, WV. The road was later moved east to its present location under a portion of WM's 6th bridge.

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