East End of Hancock/B114.4
East End of Hancock/B114.4

At Hancock, Maryland the Western Maryland had another stretch of double track used for the meeting and passing of trains. The passing siding stretched from the signals at the East End along the B114.4 to the signals at the West End of Hancok at the B116.8. When the West Sub was taken out of service to through traffic in May, 1975, the rails at Hancock remained in use up till 1987. There was a pulp wood business here that had at one time supplied the Westvaco Mill at Luke, Md. When the business was gone CSX pulled the rails up. The rails stretched from a few miles west of Hancock to Big Pool Jct. The line was sold and purchased by the Maryland DNR. This section of the West Sub is now part of the Western Maryland Rail Trail.

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CSX railtrain power is westbound passing the B115 milepost at Hancock on Nov. 8, 1988, during the rail-removal process of the old WM West Sub, officially abandoned by CSX in 1986. (photo by Brian Paulus)

WM papers that show the layout of the former turntable at Hancock. (thanks to Mike Yetter for researching info n the turntable)

This old WM switch stand was pulled from the weeds at Hancock. It was the switch for the "coal trestle" siding seen the in second photo.

This is the former East End of the passing siding at Hancock. The first photo is looking east at signal base 114.5, signal 114.4 is pictured in the second photo. Signal 114.4 was viewed by all westbound trains approaching the stretch of double track located here at Hancock.

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