East End of Jerome/B136.4

E.E. of Jerome/B136.4

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A 1966 home movie showing the Blue Mountain Express from Hagerstown to Cumberland through Paw Paw bends. First movie clip shot from train is rounding the curve and crossing the 2nd Potomac bridge. Next exiting Stickpile tunnels west portal, then 3rd crossing with the B&O crossing. The block signal is the east end of the double track at Jerome, and then the 4th crossing at Magnolia. Last clip is a brief glimpse of Maryland Junction. (video from Andy DeLauder)

At the East End of Jerome the WM tracks curved away from the thru-truss bridge that crosses the B&O "Low Line" to the section of double track. Here the line split into two tracks with a length of 12, 416 ft. There were spring switches at both ends and a set of crossovers near the middle near the train-order office. Here at the east end the spring switch was heated in the winter months by gas. The spring switch still remains today as well as the post for the "JEROME" sign. I plan to restore the post and reinstall a replica of the sign. (4/21/03)

Found the old WM spring switch laying in the ditch here at the East End of Jerome. I guess the Chessie track removal team didn't want to fool with hooking it up to the crane and loading it on the train. Anyway maybe if a trail were built it could be restored and put on display here. (4/21/03)

Here are the former signal bases for WM signals 1364 and 1365. These signals marked and controlled the East End of Jerome. (4/21/03)

Looking west at the WM/B&O connection. The right-of-way here still contains alot of ballast and the trees, for the most part and have not grow up directly on the roadbed as a result of the ATV's that ride here. However, many of the WM power/telephone poles have been cut down, I only spotted a few. The roadbed for the connection is on the right rising up to the WM. The second photo was taken from down on the B&O Low Line looking up the roadbed that was once the WM connection. (4/21/03)

This photo by W.R.Hicks was taken from the cab of Engine FA2 #301 east, train CSP#4, May 11, 1956. The photo shows the B&O connection that was once here. Ubknown when this connection would be removed. Near the B137 milepost looking down the former roadbed that was once the connection with the B&O "Low Line". The roadbed is still intact except for right at the low line where a drainaige ditch was dug across the right-of-way. Here on the WM a telephone booth stood at this connection. (4/21/03)

Spotted the B137 milepost up on the bank near a WM powerpole. Took a few photos then painted the milepost back to its original colors. (4/21/03)

Another shot of the restored B137 milepost. The milepost really looks good, if only there were tracks or a trail so others could view it as well. (4/21/03)

Looking west from the B137 milepost. The Jerome crossover tracks and train-order office are just around the bend at the B137.6. (4/21/03)

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