East End of North Branch/B158.9

East End of North Branch/B158.9

The East End of North Branch had a signal bridge similar to the ones on the Lurgan Sub and Connellsville Sub. This signal bridge was the only signal bridge on the West Sub. Atop the bridge were signals 158.9A, 158.9B, and 158.9C. A dwarf signal and a telephone booth were here at the signal bridge that was located just next to the B159 milepost. The North Branch Storage Track, had a length of 5,499 ft. or 126, 40ft. car length. The signal bridge here at the East end was the eastern end of a short stretch of CTC that ran 4 miles west to Maryland Jct. and MY Tower. This stretch of CTC was controlled by the operator at "MY". The railroad east of the signal bridge remained to be controlled by train-orders with block signals all the way to Hagerstown. 90% of the WM right-of-way here was removed when Md Rt.51 was widened in the 1980's, exact year unknown.

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WM RS3 190 leads a FA2 westbound about to cross Moore's Hollow Road near the East End of North Branch. The signal bridge can be seen in the distance and was the beginning of CTC Control west to MY Tower. Photo by Rodger Puta.

Looking east from atop of what's left of the WM right-of-way at Moore's Hollow Rd. after the widening of MD Rt. 51. (10-31-05)

I parked and walked most of the right-of-way. These two shot are looking east and west at a rock out cropping that still remains. Rails still remain along the side of the right-of-way. I was amazed that there is still room up here to walk and even drive a truck if the brush was cut back. I thought it all had been bulldozed away. Only a short section east of here is totally gone but something could be done to build a hiking trail. (10-31-05)

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