East End of Round Top/B119.3 East End of Round Top/B119.3

At Round Top the WM had a 6,450ft. long passing siding starting at signals 119.4 and 119.5. They WM also had a train-order office here seen below pushed over on its side(today gone). There is also an old foundation along the track that was once served by the RR in the early 1900's, this was believed to be the Round Top Sand Company.

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Looking west at the east end of WM's former Round Top passing siding. The WM had a telephone booth here along with signals 119.3 and 199.4. The first photo was taken on April 23, 1994 while the second was taken in March 2002 during construction of the WMRT. By mid 2002 the WMRT at thislocation was completed and open.

Ray Wongus, a WM engineer photographed the East End of the Round Top Passing Track in 1984. The WM telephone booth was in sad shape and in danger of being destroyed in the second photo take in 1994. Later it had been pushed over the bank along with the former siganl bases. The remains of the booth now litter the bank while the signal bases are in the canal.

The WM right-of-way looking east at the B119 milepost. The Round Top passing siding is to the west and the Round Top Cement Mill is east in the distance. These three photos were taken in 1904-1905, June 2001, Feburary 2002, and Novmber 2002.

Along the WMRT in October 2002. Later in November 2002 there had been a small rock slide that had damaged the trails paved surface. (both photos by J.W. France)

A cave entrance has been covered over along the Western Maryland right-of-way. These three photo , including the photo below show the changes that took place over the years as the trail was converted into a railtrail.

Along the WMRT at the cave in October 2, 2002. (photo by J.W. France)

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