Ernstville is a small town just 1 mile west of Big Pool that the WM passed through. Not much was or is here now. Just west of Ernstville near the B106.5 was the W.E. or "West End" of the double track that ran west from Hagerstown 17 miles to the east. Also here at this location siganls 106.4 and 106.5 once controlled train into the single track mainline. The WM right-of-way was used after abandoment up to the construction of the WMRT by the local school bus. It was easier for the bus to use the level straight route than traverse the twisting local road.

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Looking west from the B107 milepost. Here at the B107 was the Eastbound hotbox detector signal for the detector located at the passing siding at Parkhead.

The West End (W.E.) of Big Pool. Here was where the double track from Hagerstown ended and single track began. A set of automatic block signals were also located here. From looking at the photo you can see the signal base for signal 106.5 along with the remains of the "Big Pool" track side sign and pole that once supported a telephone box here at the W.E. of Big Pool.

A eastbound WM train is about to cross Ernstville Road near Big Pool Jct. (thanks to Cody Haer for contributing the photo)

The first photo was taken at the road crossing in Ernstville also pictured above. The old WM "rail" B106 milepost is on the right in the photo and the "newer" Chessie System B106 mile marker is on the left. The second photo is after completion of the WMRT.

Here is a photo of the westbound whistle post in Ernstville for the Ernstville road crossing at the B106. This whistle post is just past the highway overpass and is still there as a reminder of the railroad that once passed by here. Next is a WMRT marker at the former site of the road bridge over the WM.

Looking east from atop the road bridge towards Big Pool and Big Pool Jct in 1977. The westbound main track is being removed and only the eastbound main would remain to reach Hancock and Tonoloway until CSX abandoned the line. The road bridge was removed and replaced with this concrete arch when the WMRT was constructed after CSX abandoned the line. (1977, Don Biggs photo)

This is what the former West Sub looked like after CSX abandoned the line into Hancock. Just ahead in the distance is the former road trestle for Ernstville Road.

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