Bingamon Junction/H0.8(miles from Hutchinson)

Looking west and east towards the bridge after Bingamon Junction. The bridge is just passed the tree line from the junction. (Jim Eschemann photos)

Looking west on the bridge at Bingamon Junciton. The Fairmont & Clarksburg Traction ROW is visible on the left below the bridge. I donít have any idea how the F&C connected to the railroad in this area to service the mines across this bridge. (Jim Escheman photos)

Looking east up at the bridge just west of Bingamon Junciton. This bridge appears to be the same design as the WM's 5th and 6th Potomac River bridges near Paw Paw, WV. Guess this is how those two bridges would have looked today if the piers were made for single track. (Jim Escheman photos)

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