Hutchinson/C0.0 (miles from Hutchinson)

Standing on the WM right-of-way looking west near Bingamon Jct., leading to the bridge. The B&O right-of-way was where the pave trail is on the left. The Hutchenson yard was in the field to the left. Second photo is looking north towards Worthington from the same place. There is evidence of there actually being 6 different tracks in the yard area but I have never seen any map that shows more than 3. This area is usually covered by 3ft of grass over the summer. (Jim Eschemann photos)

Looking east towards Worthington on the WM right-of-way. The B&O is the paved trail on the right. (Jim Escheman photo)

Looking south(railroad west) from the northern most switch of the yard where the WM split from the B&O. (Jim Escheman caption and photo)

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