Back Fork/E86.4 (miles from Elk River Jct.)

1915 and 2011 topo maps

Back Fork was the end of the railroad, 219.3 miles from Cumberland Station. There was a 35 car capacity sidetrack here. The WM had a small coal loader at the end of the short trackage up from Back Fork Jct., where a truck dump filled hopper with coal.

The WM crossed the road just before this small bridge and ran between the creek and road. The second photo is looking railroad west up the tracks towards Back Fork and No.4 Mine. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photos)

Further west up the grade showing the tracks looking both east and west. The tree in the second photo is rather large indicating many years since this line was in active service. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photos)

Up nearing the end of the WM was the tipple site/truck coal dump at Back Fork. The first of these two photos is looking away from the tipple towards town. The second photo is looking back up towards the mine/tipple site. (Darren Talbert photos, Nov. 2012)

The Back Fork Tipple and end of track, photographed in 1963. (Thanks to Darren Talbert for photos)

These railroad bridge timbers are sitting on the former site of the Back Fork tipple/coal loader. This is the end of the line for the Western Maryland Railway. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photo)

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