Back Fork Junction/E85.4 (miles from Elk River Jct.)

1915 and 2011 topo maps

Looking east from the switch at Back Fork Jct. towards the bridge that crossed over to the small yard at Webster Springs. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photo)

This photo was near the end of the WM at Webster Springs. This photo is looking towards the end of the track which is just around the bend. Not the end of track exactly but more of a switch back used to reach the No.4 mine at Back Fork behind the photographer. The mainline towards Bergoo runs left off the switch in the foreground. Back Fork was named for the river valley the railroad ran up a short ways. Now the second photo was taken by Darren Talbert about the same location in November 2012. Looks as if the building was altered and some sections of the rail is in place as others were pulled up by residents to install driveways. (thanks to Warren Hart and Darren Talbert for photos)

Looking downstream or railroad east from along the right-of-way on the line to Back Fork. The bridge between Webster Springs and Back Fork Jct. can also be seen in the photo. This trackage was the former West Virginia Midland Railroad and can be seen above on the 1915 topo map. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photo)

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