Cheat Junction/E21.8

2012 topo map

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This is how Cheat Junction looked in 1955. This photo is looking towards Durbin, WV. The track to the right is the beginning of the GC&E Subdivision which runs behind the photographer to Spruce, WV and onto Webster Springs. Today nothing remains here but an unmaintained hiking trail known as the West Fork Trail.

Cheat Junction switch shanty photographed here along with hopper cars parked on the former line to Spruce. The track in the foreground winds down the hillside and crosses the tracks at a diamond before bridging the Shavers Fork River before curving right to Elk River Junction. (Ray Wongus Collection of the WMRHS)

Looking east down the grade at Cheat Jct. in 1982. The switch is made for the connecting track to Greenbrier Jct. (Don Biggs photo)

A WM/Chessie track gang take a speeder by some bad order hopper cars off on a side track along the connecting track between Greenbrier Jct. and Cheat Jct. These hopper cars were in very bad shape, some with large holes in the sides. (1982, Don Biggs photos)

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