West of Bergoo

Running west from Bergoo the railroad crosses over the Elk River to run towards Curin on the opposite side of the river than the Bergoo Road. After a ways the railroad again crosses the river and also the road to run parallel to the road around the mountainside. The railroad continues hugging the mountainside while the road bridges the river.

After leaving Bergoo for East Barton and Webster Springs the WM crosses back over the Elf River to run alongside the road again. This trestle today is being used as a road as several homes are now across the river and use the railbed as an access road. I wonder if gravel covers the rails or the rails had been removed? (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photo)

Along Bergoo Road the tracks are very close and extremely grown up with brush and trees. Most of the crossties are covered with moss. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photo)

Another photo of the abandoned WM tracks along the road west of Bergoo. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photo)

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