East End of Spruce/E37.6

There is a distance of 1.9 miles between the East and West Ends of Spruce. There was also a siding with a total capacity of 238, 40ft. cars.

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Blair Williamson took these photos during the Cass railfan Weekend in May 2008. The former Clincfield f-unit painted as WM f-unit #67 crosses bridge #375 East of the East End of Spruce. Second unit is the fromer Western Maryland BL2 82 and WM passenger coach 83. 5The bridge number 375, was labeled for the old WM milepost 37.5, miles from Elk River Jct. Under Chessie/CSX operation this bridge is between the 86 & 85 mileposts.

The Western Maryland's VW Jitney has stopped at the East End of Spruce for a photograph (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

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