Greenbrier Junction/E1.1 (miles from Elk River Jct.)

Photo taken in 1963 at Greenbrier Junction. The track to the right was the former GC&E line from Spruce to Cheat Jct. and Durbin. In 1931 the track to the left was built establishing Greenbrier Jct. This track allowed trains to go directly from Spruce to Elkins and bypass Cheat Jct. and Durbin, WV. Today the track to the left is all that remains. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

View west at Greenbrier Jct. in 1982. Don Biggs took this photo after walking down the connector track to Cheat Jct. where he had walked from the car near Tunnel #2. (1982, Don Biggs photo)

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