Hickory Lick/E63.3

There was a 92 car siding at Hickory Lick and the Golden Ridge No. 92 Mine. During the "Bergoo & Western RR" operation, Hickory Lick Mine mine was the largest source of coal west of Laurel Bank. When the tripple was abandoned, a truck dump was installed on the tripple's tail tracks. The tripple, the truck dump, and the tracks are now gone, all that are left are some footers where the tripple stood.

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This is the CSX repeater/crossing box for Valley Fork Road. The bridge over the Elk River to Hickory Lick Min can be see in the distance. The tracks stop at the mine side of the bridge. The WM main ran along Elk River on the opposite side of the bridge. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

WM's bridge over the Elk River to the Hickory Lick Mine. This photo is looking across the bridge from the WM main side of the bridge. The remains of a WM telephone booth are here along the main line. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

On the mainline side of the river, there was the main track, a siding, and the track that ran across the bridge to the mine. In 2008, the tracks were overgrown and flooded because the drainage system was blocked. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

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