Huttonsville Junction/E0.5

Looking railroad east at Huttonsville Jct. from South Davis Ave. The track at the first switch curves right to C. and C. Jct. and onto Elkins. The Second switch and track that curves left is the branch to Dailey/Huttonsville. The track center was constructed during the Chessie/CSX days when the Thomas Sub was abandoned and heads to Belington.

WM's Elkins freight house was located at Huttonsville Junction and was photographed in 1917. The second photo was taken in the area of the former freight station. This photo shows the lie to Durbin as it begins the climb out of Elkins. The Durbin & Greenbrier valley RR constructed this waiting shed here. (1.15.2012)/(thanks to Warren Hart for 1917 photo)

The WM Durbin Sub crosses the Tygart Valley River on this bridge at the Elkins Water Works just west of Huttonsville Jct. (1.15.2012)

The WM crosses US 250 on this silver bridge as it climbs the grade out of Elkins. (1.15.2012)

Another view of the bridge over US 250 and a view looking west up the grade from the bridge. (1.15.2012)

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