Laurel Bank (Slaty Fork)/E53.7

Laurel Bank was a WM Train-Order Office and it had a 270 car yard. I included an old topo map from 1925 of the Laurel Bank/Slaty Fork area and it's branches to various sawmills. The page below is divided into the WM Rest House Area/Tracks and the WM Laurel Bank Yard/ Storage tracks.

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Laurel Bank Rest House/Tracks

The Laurel Bank Operators Office and VW Jitney photographed in 1963. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo) Under CSX, this was the Laurel Bank Sub-Division between Laurel Bank (MP 101.7) and Webster Springs (MP 121.7). The last train ran before 12/29/94 when CSX took the Sub-Division out of service. The CSX radio repeater box was still in place, sitting on a leg of the former steam era wye. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

The rest house at Laurel Bank also pictured in 1963. (thanks to Warren Hart for photo)

This old passenger car alongside the tracks at Laurel Bank in 1980 was being used by the train crews. I assume the trailer pictured below was its replacement? (Don Biggs photo)

This trailer was moved in by CSX as a crew staging point/train-order office. The trailer now sits on the former leg of the wye. The second photo shows the bridge piers that was once the leg of the wye. The bridge was removed after steam.(May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

WM H-8 no. 780 was photographed at the Laurel Bank sanding tower. The parking lot of the left was once the small WM Yard, now just a parking lot for fisherman. The Bunk House sat across from the parking lot in the grassy field. (thanks to Mike Yetter and Warren Hart for photo)&(Blair Williamson photo)

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