Laurel Bank (Slaty Fork)/E53.7

Laurel Bank was a WM Train-Order Office and it had a 270 car yard. I included an old topo map from 1925 of the Laurel Bank/Slaty Fork area and it's branches to various sawmills. The page below is divided into the WM Rest House Area/Tracks and the WM Laurel Bank Yard/ Storage tracks.

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Laurel Bank Yard/Storage Tracks

Pictured here is the bridge into the Laurel Bank Bunk House/Sawmill area. There was a flood that washed out a section of fill at the bridge in March 2008. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

Pictured here is the switch shanty and switch for the East End of Laurel Bank Yard. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

Looking west at flood damage on the WM main from the Laurel Bank Rest House. The second photo shows the switch to the first of two storage/passing tracks. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

Looking west along the Laurel Bank mainline and storage tracks. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

This old wooden box car was photogrpahed in May 2008 alongside the tracks at Laurel Bank. It was common practice in the early railroad days for the WM to use old equipment for maintenance-of-way use and crew bunk houses. (Blair Williamson photo)

First photo is the mid-yard crossover at Laurel Bank. A WM milepost can also be seen here along with the post to the CSX era "102" milepost. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

This switch and switch shanty marked the West End of the Laurel Bank Yard. This yard was 5 tracks wide and had a capacity of 270 cars. (May 2008, Blair Williamson photo)

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