Mine No. 4/E67.9

At Byers was also Mine No. 4 which had sidetracks with a combined capacity of 239 cars.

Looking across a yard that looks like branches have fell in and ice storm you can make out the railroad tracks behind the trailer. This photo is of the WM Bergoo-Laurel Bank mainline below No. 4 Mine. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photo)

Pictured here is the bridge across the Elk River that was used to reach the No. 4 Mine. By the looks of the crossties on the bridge the mine has been abandoned by at least rail traffic for quite some time. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photos)

Looking across the road from the bridge. This is the right-of-way leading up to the No. 4 .ine and tipple. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photo)

These metal objects appear to be bases for maybe the tipple at No. 4 Mine. (Darren Talbert photos)

Another view of the tipple site for No. 4. This tipple was a rather large site ceased loading coal in the 1960's. (Darren Talbert photo)

I combined two photos to give a diffrent view of the width of the former mine behind the tipple site. We are looking west into the former location of the yard or storage tracks for the hoppers to be loaded. (Nov. 2012, Darren Talbert photos)

Looking out into what is now a large open area but back when this mine was loading hoppers this was the rail yard at No. 4. (Darren Talbert photo)

Looking further up into the former yard at No. 4. (Darren Talbert photo)

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