Mt. Airy/E45.4

A 12 car sidetrack was at Mt. Airy. This side track was once a logging branch that exted south from the Rt.219 bridge, see the 1925 map below.

Looking up at the WM bridge near Dunlap and Mt. Airy as it crosses over Rt. 219. (Darren Talbert photo, 7-3-13)

CSX's "Laurel Bank West" is about to cross the Rt.219 bridge as it heads down the grade at Mt. Airy. (October 22, 1992, Ron Stafford photo)

Looking east from the WM bridge over Rt. 219. A 7-car sidetrack ran back off to the right, only the shanty remains. (Darren Talbert photos, 7-3-13)

This photo is looking east down the mowed grass where the sidetrack once ran towards the main track. The bridge over 219 is on the left and the WM shanty on the right. (Darren Talbert photo, 7-3-13)

Looking west from the WM bridge over Rt. 219. The tracks are grown up with grass here, trees elsewhere. (Darren Talbert photo, 7-3-13)

Two more photo, both looking west at bridge over Rt. 219 near Dunlap and Mt. Airy. (Darren Talbert photos, 7-3-13)

Looking west on the Laurel Bank grade near Mt. Airy. (1981, Don Biggs photo)

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