Point (High Falls)/E1.7

A 40 car capacity sidetrack was at Point.

Blair Williamson rode a photo freight and was told that this was the first freight train pass this spot since 12/29/94 (Date of Event 5/16/08). Train consisted of BL-2 82, F-7 #67, three hopper cars. Coach 835 was dropped at Bowden Siding and was not on the train when it went pass High Falls as they thought being coupled to the hopper cars it may derail due to the 33 degree curve at High Falls. (Blair Williamson photo and info)

Photo of WVC F9 painted to resemble a WM F7, stopped for passengers to reboard after visiting High Falls. Second photo is of the falls. (Darren Talbert photos)

Looking at the siding and switch shanty at Point, WV. (Ray Wongus Collection of the WMRHS)

This photo is not exactly at Point but is along the Shaver Fork of the Cheat River between Greenbrier Jct High Falls. Much of the WM trackage in the Shavers Fork Valley looks like this. This is a ride behind WM's Shay #6 during the 2008 Cass Rail Fan Weekend. (Blair Williamson photo)

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