Tunnel No.1/E4.8

A 31 car capacity siding was located here at Tunnel #1 also referred to as "Tunnel" in Western Maryland Timetables.

Cab Ride thru Tunnel No.1

View of the west portal of Tunnel #1 in 1954. (Ray Wongus Collection of the WMRHS)

The west portal of Tunnel 1 in 1980. Notice the poles that seem to be there for a slide fence. A WM pole line can also still be seem way up on the hillside in the top right of the photo. (Don Biggs photo)

Another view of the same portal as above but on January 15, 2012.

The west portal(Durbin side) view from inside of Tunnel No.1 on a cold snowy evening on January 15, 2012. The cross ties in the tunnel are sitting in frozen mud, water, and fallen icicles. The temperature outside was 11 degrees and the sun was going down quickly.

Looking west down the grade from the west portal(railroad milepost west) of Tunnel No.1. (1.15.2012)

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