Needham's Viaduct/8.1

Further up the mountain at mile marker 8.1 was Needham's Viaduct also known as Bridge 81.

Looking up at the eastern end of Bridge 81 also known as Needham's Viaduct. (11-26-05)

Looking east and west from the eastern side of Needham's Viaduct. The roadbed here has been cut down as it nears the road and is being used as a driveway. (11-26-05)

Another look at the eastern end of the former viaduct. There is also more stonework down towards the stream. (11-26-05)

These photos are looking at the western end and west from Needham's Viaduct. (11-26-05)

Stumbled apon some old rails that must have been used in a coal mine. Several rails still lie on the ground here and all are easily 25ft. long. Notice how simple the rail joint is. (11-26-05)

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