Buffalo No.5

Two photos taken 44 years apart looking west at the switch for the Buffalo 5 mine up on the GC&C RR above Knapp's Meadow. (1969, Don Biggs photo)(4-12-2013)

A WM hopper car is staged at the old woode tipple at Gc&C Mine No.4/Buffalo No.5 Mine. (Don Biggs photo)

This new tipple replaced the wooden structure in the photo pictured above. These two photo were take in 1987. (Don Biggs photos)

Looking east down the grade on the GC&C at the new tipple in 1987. (Don Biggs photos)

Weed grown tracks lead up to the coalloader. An very old tank car lies here just over the bank still on its frame. It is unaware how old the this car is, it may be very old and be an original GC&C car.

A view of the current coalloader in 2005. This loader is to be replaced with a brand new unit.

West of the coalloader are 3 storage tracks. The GC&C Mainline also once ran here as it headed for Lonaconing.

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