Knapp's Meadow/15.0

Knapp's Meadow Trestle took the GC&C tracks from the eastern side of the valley to the western side. The tracks crossed the roadway, the Cumberland Westernport Electric RY, and the Cumberland & Pennsylavania RR. The GC&C was originally built to allow certain mines better rates as the C&P which was owned by a mine company had a monopoly in the area. Later when the GC&C was abandoned the bridge was removed while the tracks on both sides of the bridge were kept in service due to mines still operating. The eastern side was accessed by a switch on the C&P at Jackson Jct. while the western side was accessed by the original mine connection later named Coney Jct. The tracks to this mine named Buffalo No.5 still remain today and will be served in the future by the George's Creek Railway.

The GC&C RR crossed the Cumberland and Pennsylavania, the Cumberland and Westernport Electric, and the road here on this bridge just east of Lonaconing at Knapp's Meadow.

Another view at the location of the former GC&C bridge from down at the C&P tracks.

On the west side of the Knapp's Meadow bridge the tracks now curve off to the left to connect to the C&P rather than curving right to cross the bridge. the track to the left was the original mine connection to the C&P before the GC&C was built. Later the mine would be served by the GC&C due to incresed rates on the C&P. This connection would later be established when the GC&C was sold and abandoned in 1939. (first photo by Don Biggs)

Looking west along the GC&C tracks from the Kapps Meadow Trestle. (Don Biggs photo)

Two photos take on the GC&C mainline, the first looking west up the grade from the Old Coney Road crossing. The second photo is looking back east or downgrade between the mine tipple and Old Coney Road at the old stone house. (photos by Don Biggs)

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