Koontz Mine

Looking west and east from the right-of-way that lead down the hillside near the Consol. No.10 Mine where another switchback was located. Notice on the map the road is shown crossing what appears to be double tracks at the location these photos were taken. (4-13-2013)

The Koontz Mine on the west side of the valley up above Lonaconing served the GC&C RR. The second photo I believe is looking at the same mine entrance and tracks that seem to be still partially in place. (miningartifacts.org image)(1968, Don Biggs photo)

Two more photos at the abandoned Koontz Mine in 1968. First we are looking out towards the tipple from the mine entrance shown in the previous photo by Dion Biggs. Second photo is from down on the GC&C looking up at the remains of the tipple for Koonyz Mine. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

Two photos taken at the former site of the Koontz Mine in 2013. The mine and land has been reclaimed and there are no traces of a coal mine except a drainage pipe that must still drain water from the covered up mine shaft. These two photos are looking out into the valley towards Lonaconing then back west towards the former mine site. (4-21-2013)

Koontz Hollow Brick Plant

Don Biggs photographed remains of a brick factory building up Koontz Hollow in 1968.

While looking for the former Koontz Mine, I happened to see that the abandoned brick factory pictured above in the 1968 photos was still standing somewhat. Some of the walls have collapsed as the top right wall is now leaning in towards the building inside, it could fall in the next few years. The roof is now completely gone compared to the 1968 photos and only one of the roof rafters still stands in it place. I have learned that the brick factory was built in 1912 by a brick bonding company. The plant shipped its one and only railcar of bricks in 1914 then ceased operations due to overwhelming competition from other brick plants such as Mount Savage. Here is a link to a report done on the structure in 1977 for the Maryland Historic Properties list. Report on brick plant, 1977. At the time of the report in 1977, the property was owned by the Maryland Coal & Realty Company. (April 21, 2013)

Looking east on the former GC&C roadbed just east of the abandoned factory up Koontz Hollow. (April 21, 2013)

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