This small water house up on the hill was used for something on this line. There was a very strong stream the flowed threw there so possibly it was there to control that when the water was flowing. (John Price photo)

GC&C's LaVale waiting shed.

The GC&C under ground refilling well. This was a stopping point for engines to pick up some more water for its climb up the mountain. About 10 feet up the hill is this concrete slab. Heard the concrete slab was added after the the line closed for safety. Prior to the lines closing there was a slopped roof over this well. (John Price photos)

Shot from the end of the parking lot off Allendale Ave. This is as far as the black top goes and this photo is looking up the right-of-way. (John Price photo)

A rock outcropping remains along the GC&C right-of-way. (John Price photo)

Not sure what these concrete feat and foundations are for. Heard that there was a small work shop, fishing spot but besides walking or by train I have no idea how you would get here. Walking east this sprouts off to the right of the line. There are a bunch of pored concert feat and a foundation for something. (John Price photos)

Looking out into the valley from the GC&C roadbed at the power lines. (John Price photo)

Pile of cross ties. This was located right before the next big water refilling location to the right of the path. (John Price photo)

Water House at the Ash Bank. This is a big location that John took pics from. To the left walking east is the small house and behind it cut into the mountainside is the water reservoir that also had fish in it apparently. (John Price photos)

The ash bank about an engines length ahead to the right was a leveled area that is in all actuality a build up of ash. As a little girl John's mother told him that her and some friends would come all the way up here and slide down the ash hill because it was like snow on a steep hill.
It has grown up a lot but you can still see black ash down at the bottom of the hill. Some of this black ash will never really go away. (John Price photos)

Looking west up the grade of the GC&C between the ash bank and the Braddock Road crossing. (John Price photos)

Far west as can go before running into Braddock Road. The road crosses on the other side of the gate. (John Price photo)

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