Lonaconing Switchback and Mines

Looking east on the abandoned roadbed above Lonaconing on the east side of the valley. The rails were removed in 1967, only only crossties remained when the photo was taken. (1969, Don Biggs photo)

Looking west on the GC&C fill approaching the switchback on the east side of the valley above Lonaconing. (1969, Don Biggs photo)

Looking east across the GC&C fill in 1969 and in 2013. The first photo was taken in 1969 and the rails and bridge over the road had already been removed in 1967. Today the fill its self is gone The second photo is looking east out from what is left of the fill on the left side above the road. Notice the right-of-way is still being used to access private property where the fill was once located. (1969, Don Biggs photos)(4-13-2013)

This photo is looking west from the switchback also on the east side of the valley. Notice the fill in the distance and the bridge removed over the road. I drove my old car up to the switch back on April 13, 2013 to check out the area for my first time and take some photos of what was left. I managed to take a sililar photo as Don did back in 1969, even have the car mirror for comparison. (1969, Don Biggs photo)

Two photo up on the west side of the switch back. First we are looking east back into the switchback. The remains of the track that ran east across the road a fill can still be seen off to the left in the first photo. the second photo is looking west from a gate at the switch back. (4-13-2013)

West from the switchback

Further west around the bend from the switchback the former GC&C roadbed is in very good shape. Atv's seem to keep the roabed well traveled as 4 atv's passed while taking a short hike west to the first mine site. (4-21-13)

Approaching the first mine site looking east and west on the former GC&C. The roadbed gets alittle worse here as numerous puddles have formed and the the right of way is butcher up at the former mine site. (4-21-13)

The remains of a mine tipple along the abandoned GC&C roadbed above Lonaconing, (1969, Don Biggs photo)

Believe this was also the mine pictured above in the 1969 photo. The mine has since been reclaimed and the right-of-way here altered. A pond has been built during the mine reclaim perhaps where the tipple one stood. The roadbed contines west to the second mine site then onto Charlestown also above Lonaconing. This former mine site is directly above the Lonaconing silk mill. (4-21-13)

These photos are another mine on the east side of the valley above Lonaconing. This group of photos are all the same mine. First photo is the remains of the tipple from trackside then a neat photo looking out onto the tipple and out into the valley. Next two shots seem to be a small yard located between ther mine entrance and the tipple. Last tow photos are the remains of the scale house and the mine entrance itself. I will try and track down a map or list of mine names to figure which mine is which and try to post soon. (1969, Don Biggs photos)

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