Photo above is from John Bonney, he believes he has the original timetable that hung on the Midland or Lonaconing station. The timetable is dated Nov 28th, 1881 showing the passenger train schedules between Lonaconing and Hays Street stopping at Midland Junction, Vale Summit, Percy Siding, George's Creek Junction and Mechanic Street. It shows the total length of the line (from New Detmold Mine to Basin Wharf - they also ran freight) as 22.55 miles. Thanks to John for sharing this item.

Looking east from the former roadbed at Midland. The C&WE was just to the left nearby the road. (11-26-05)

This old photo is looking down the GC&C tracks as they decended from Summit into the George's Creek Valley. Also pictured here are the tracks and trolleys of the G&WE. The second photo is taken from the same location on 11-26-05.

Looking at the eastern end of the Midland Viaduct and out into Midland from atop the abutment. (11-26-05)

Looking east at the Midland Viaduct as it passed thru the center of town.

Another look at the GC&C RR trestle at Midland.

The GC&C's Midland Station. (May 1, 1918)

Front and rear photos of GC&C's Midland Junction Station on May 1, 1918.

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