Narrows Park

A short stub off the Connelsville Sub was all that remained after the 1939 abandonment of the line between George's Creek Jct. and Midland. This short stub was left to serve a oil loading facility, now gone today.

A builders photo of GC&C's No. 6 locomotive before being delivered.

Looking east down the former GC&C RR grade that is now Oak Terrace Ave. Second photo is looking west up the GC&C from the same location. Whomever owns the house is using the right-of-way for a shed and driveway. (11-21-12)

Looking east and west on the remains of the GC&C RR along 1st Street which runs alongside the railroad up on the bank to the right in the first photo. These photos were taken in the vicinity of Deal Ave. and Ellsworth St. (11-21-12)

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