Tunnel #1

Tunnel #1 may be visible in this topo map, however I cannot see the right-of-way in the aerial photo.

Looking west at the now filled cut and portal of GC&C's Tunnel #1. (Cody Haer photo)

Looking east on 4/28/11 at what once was the cut at the west portal of the GC&C's West Portal of Tunnel#1. The tunnel was filled during construction of nearby I-68 just below the GC&C and C&P RR's roadbed. When the tunel was filled the dirt was not restored all the way up to the hillside which still reveals the tunnels cut and former location. (Cody Haer photo)

Another photo at Tunnel #1's west portal looking east. This photo was taken from up on top of the fill dirt on 4/28/11 looking at the rocks that are atop the former west portal. Neat to think that the tunnel portal is just below, perhaps not completely filled in like WM's Welton Tunnel. (Cody Haer photo)

Looking west from the west portal of Tunnel#1 on 4/28/11. (Cody Haer photo)

Some sort of stone structure was photographed on the GC&C roadbed just before where Tunnel #2 was on 4/28/11. (Cody Haer photo)

Looking east on 4/28/11 at a rock cut on the GC&C roadbed. (Cody Haer photo)

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