1964 Savage Mountain B-52 crash

Link above to info on a B52 bomber that crashed on the mountain above Barton in January 1964. The bomber was carrying 2 unarmed nuclear bombs when crashed. If the bombs would have went off the lower George's Creek and Savage River Valleys would have been gone.

A view of Barton and Moscow in the distsnce tsken from the hillside. Notice the train and various yard tracks in this very neat photo. (Thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

WM/GCK 303 and 25 are parked on the main the furthest west that the George's Creek Railway owns. From here west is currently CSX trackage as of 7-14-12.

Climbed down the bank and got into the water to take this shot with my cellphone. 303 and 25 parked up on the tracks. Good swimming hole here as well. (7-14-12)

Passing houses at Barton. (Al Moran photo)

Views east and west at Barton in 1969. (Don Biggs photos)

Looking west and east along the tracks at Barton. New crossties are set up and oe for replacement have been marked in these January 15, 2012 photos.

Looking east at the old croosing in Barton of Rt. 36 in 1969. Rt. 36 would later bypass town up on the hillside to the right. (1969, Don Biggs photo/10-31-05)

The coal tipple that was in Barton about the current location of the Legion today. (Thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

Not foar from the railroad tracks were these bridge in Barton. The highway bridge and the trolly bridge for the Cumberland Westernport Electric. (Thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

Looking west in 1969 from the Rt. 36 crossing. I'd love to have that 1962 Impala today. A large tipple was once located where the VFW/Legion is located. There was also a small yard located in the area. (1969, Don Biggs photo)

It's November 28, 2012 and a new crossing is installed at the crossing in Barton. Notice the old crossing lights, these are the oldest in operation in Allegheny County, Maryland. (Blair Williamson photo)

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