Camel Straights

"Camel Straights" is the named formerly used for the relatively straight stretch of track between Morrison and Barton.

These four photos are of a mine that was on the hillside up Mill Run Creek. Mill Run Creek joins Georges Creek at the east end of Morrison. (Don Biggs photo)

Looking east near Morrison up the track at a location known as "Camel Straights". This trackage is currently owned by CSX and is where the hopper train backs prior to being loaded. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

Looking west and east from the road at Camel Straights on 7-14-12.

Further up the "crick" from Camel Straights the railroad crosses the road. CSX had to dig out the asphalt from this crossing to deliver WM 303 and 25 to the GCK rails.

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