Carlos Junction/C19.6

63 car capacity.

Just outside a cut the tracks split into three with the main track being the track on the far right. (10-31-05

Photo looking at the Carlos Jct. Yard and Station. The branch to Carlos curves off across Georges Creek. (Thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

Carlos Junction in 1926, two views in the yard. Labels on photos give the best discription so left for website. (Thanks to Randall Richardson for photos)

Looking at the C&P tracks and bridge at Carlos Jct. in this very old photo. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo) The second photo shows the bridge piers for the line over to Carlos. All of the track to Carlos has been removed and it is difficult to spot the right-of-way in some places.

Enginehouse and related buildings west of Carlos Jct. on the Carlos Branch. From the looks of the flat area near buildings, there must have been a small yard here. (1969, Don Biggs photo and info)

This would be what's left of Carlos Jct. The switch had been removed some time ago for the line to Carlos. Still three tracks here as it must have been a small yard at one time. The second photo is a "CSX Quality Patch" in the rail. They seemed to use a bigger piece of rail to patch the defected area. Looks as if the original defect might have been better. (10-31-05)

Looking east at a switch at Carlos Junction. CSX had removed the center and drug it down the tracks and dropped it at the crossing aparently planning to use it at another place. (10-31-05)

Looking east alongside the sign at Carlos. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

Further east again looking east from the curve at Carlos. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

Just around the curve in the previous photo above Carlos. This would also be referred to as National as the coal tipple today is close to this location. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

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