Consol No. 10/C17.1

The current end of track. 20 car capacity at 40 ft. each.

View railroad east near the former tipple at Consol 10. The area has been cleaned up at the loader and now grass is beginning to grow again in what was once coal dust. (10-31-05)

Looking east at the "End of Track". The former C&P main ran to the right a is now covered by the fill in the distance which today serves as a road to the former coal tiple which is being dismantled. A overpass for the road could be installed and the track relayed to Frostburg, after you got by I-68, and thru some townhouses that were built on the right-of-way. (10-31-05)

Looking west towards the former coal loader at Consol No. 10. (10-28-12, Blair Williamson photo)

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