Dawson had a 22 car(40-foot cars) sidetrack here and a coal loader. Future sight of George's Creek Railway's interchange point when the sidetrack is put back in place.

First photo is looking east on 1-15-12 from the former position of the switch stand for the 22 car side track formally at Dawson. Second photo is at the same location but on 7-14-12 after the George's Creek Railway has "restored" the switch and part of the siding. The switch stand is a genuine WMRY stand from Hanover, PA.

Two photos both looking west at the former side track at Dawson during the late 1960's and again on 1-15-2012. (1960's photo by Don Biggs)

Looking west from same location as the above photos but on 7-14-12. The George's Creek Railway is also about preservation as well as operation. These August 2012 photos show how the GCK is restoring the C&P/WM trackage to how it used to be.

These two photo are looking east from the road crossing at Dawson. Again first taken in the 1960's and again on 1-15-12. (1960's photo by Don Biggs)

Looking east from the road crossing on 7-14-12. The George's Creek Railway has relaid about half of the original Dawson sidetrack. The crossties are about where the old coal loaded pictured below was located.

The former Dawson coal loader pictured in the late 1960's. By the time these photos were taken, the loader was no longer in use. Notice how the loader was made up by an old coal hopper sat up off its tracks on some crossties with a grate on top the car where coal was dumped and conveyed to waiting hopper cars.

These was a road for trucks to drive down to the loader from the mine up on the hillside where present day Rt.36 is located. The later photo was taken at the former site of the coal loader on 1-15-2012. (1960's photos by Don Biggs)

WM 303 and 25 are pictured here in the siding at Dawson. (11-21-12)

Blair Williamson took this great photo of WM/GCK #25 parked off by itself in the siding at Dawson. (10-28-12)

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