There was a 24 car sidetrack at Detmold. The siding at Detmold was used for years to store WM gondolas. They were removed when a small truck loader was built right in front of the school. Remains of the dirt pile used to access the loader are still visible along the road. This siding was removed about the same time as the one near the depot which was probably late 1969.

The former 24 car side track at Detmold is first pictured here in the 1968 photo by Don Biggs. The first photo is looking east at the "West End" of the side track. I took a photo about the same location but looking west. This second photo is not quite as far west as the side track extended but about 3/4 of the way. You can compare the two locations by the parking lot in both the photos.

Notice the "DETMOLD" sign to the right in the 1968 photo and the safety rails for the bridge. The second photo is again looking west about the same location. The building in the background is Valley High School, which became Westmar High School when Valley and Bruce High School in Westernport were consolidated in the 1980s. Five years ago Westmar and Beall High School in Frostburg were consolidated into the new Mountain Ridge High School. Westmar is now a middle school. (1968 photo by Don Biggs, 7-14-12)

Tracks cross the George's Creek on the west side of Lonaconing, MD.

An oil tank has wedged itself under the bridge pictured above during the 1936 flood. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

Two photos just east of the bridge at Detmold. The first photo is looking east and the second west from an old cast iron C&P RR bridge caution sign. These cast iron bridge signs have similar working as Norfolk and Western bridge signs. (4-21-13)

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