Eckhart Jct.

An aerial view of the Eckhart Junction area. (William E. Barrett photo)

Looking west over Wills Creek and up the C&P Eckhart Branch in 1982. The C&P branch passes under the WM Connellsville Subdivision at "State Line Jct.". Second photo is looking at the downstream side of the bridge from WM's Mainline bridge in 1968. (Don Biggs photos)

These two photos were taken from the WM Mainline bridge looking down on the C&P Eckhart Branch. The first looking at the brick C&P bridge over Wills Creek and then looking west up the branch towards Narrows Park. (1968, Don Biggs photos)

A neat photo looking up under the WM State Line bridge section over Wills Creek from Eckhart Jct. The bridge the crossed the C&P Eckhart Branch, C&P Mainline, and the B&O Mainline. In the April 1982 the bridge is seen here and is being scrapped. Notice the bridge over Wills Creek is gone at the left side of the tru-truss bridge. (Don Biggs photos)

The section of the WM State Line bridge over the former (now abandoned)C&P Mainline and B&O Mainline. The C&P mainline is the grown up crossties between the access road and the two B&O/CSX tracks. (4/82, Don Biggs photo and 5/26/12. Jeremy Cooper photo)

While waiting for the CSX train bringing the two WM SD's home from Metro East Industries in St. Louis, MO. this CSX westbound chugged by. The C&P was to the right of the CSX tracks and a small set off yard was here and used as part of the Eckhart Branch. (May 26, 2012)

Within 5 minutes of CSX 5491 Westbound passed the rails began to sing and CSX SD40-2(former L&N) rounded the curve in dynamic. Trailing the two CSX were WM SD40 7471 and WM SD35 7436. I had my 1970 M35A2 parked on the C&P roadbed with a WM blanket to greet the locos as they returned home to Cumberland. (May 26m 2012)

My very first You Tube Video, taken with my cell phone while trying to hold the camera and take photos also. Shaky at first as the train kinda sneaked up on us.

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