Frostburg Tunnel

1950 Frostburg, MD map

Approaching Frostburg from the west the C&P passed Maple Hurst Park before reaching the tunnel. This photo is looking east from Maple Hurst Park on 7-14-12. If one had the money I wounder how much it would cost to obtain the old right-of-way and relay tracks between the Frostburg Depot and Consol No.10? Afterall, anything is possible, it just has a price tag.

Looking east or upgrade on the C&P west of the Frostburg Tunnel. This is the location of the lumber yard the C&P/WM served and the reason this track was still in service when this photo was taken in 1968. The lumber yard is the building on the right. Today townhouses sit directly over top where the track once ran.(Don Biggs photo)

Looking west downgrade on the C&P from the tunnel in 1968. Today, the end of the cut leading away from the tunnel stops here and has been filled in for a road to cross. A row of rundown townhouses now sit on the former right-of-way of the Cumberland & Pennsylavania RR. (1968, Don Biggs photo)

Two photos from 1968, showing the west portal of C&P's Frostburg Tunnel in the summer and winter. (Don Biggs photos)

These two photos are looking down into the cut at the west end of C&P's Frostburg Tunnel.

Four photos taken on 6-28-11 by Cody Haer from down at C&P's Frostburg Tunnel and inside the tunnel. Looks as if the tunnel is dry and the brick lining is in good shape. These photos were taken on the western end of the tunnel.

I myself took these for photos on the eastern side of the tunnel. I was not prepared to go into the tunnel as I did not have a flash light or a good flash on my camera. I did however get these four photos. The first two are about the same spot and both looking west into the tunnel. You can see light in the first shot from the west portal. The second shot shows two timbers that have fallen from the ceiling of the tunnel. As you can see the west side of the tunnel is lined with brick where as the east side is timber lined. Brick and concrete do not reappear until you come to the portal itself as seen in the photos. A few small collapes of the stone wall and some bricks are visible. (7-14-12)

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