Jackson Jct.

Further up "the crik", two photos taken in 1969 are looking west on the C&P from the bridge over George's Creek approaching the crossing of Rt.36 at Jackson Jct. (1969, Don Biggs photos)

Looking east at Jackson Junction in the 1960's (photo by Don Biggs) In 2009/2010 you can still see some of the crossties for the switch at Jackson Jct.

The train shed pictured here looking back from the road in the 1960's and later of the rails that remain in the floor of the now gone train shed. (first photo by Don Biggs)

Looking west and east from the out of service tracks at Jackson Jct. (12-3-11)

Further up the coal spur from Jackson Jct. (Don Biggs photos)

This abandoned coal tipple was also up the track off Jackson Jct. (Don Biggs photos)

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