Knapp's Meadow

Looking down on Knapps Meadow from the GC&C RR in 1969. (Don Biggs Photos combined to make one)

Looking west towards the C&P/WM bridge over George's Creek at Knapps Meadow.

Looking railroad east from the road crossing to the mine of Buffalo Mine No.5. (first photo by Don Biggs)

Looking west from about the middle of the side track at Knapps Meadow. (Don Biggs photo)

The C&P crossing at Old Coney Cemetery Road. There was once a siding here and the rails are still in at the crossing.

Looking west from the former East End of the sidetrack at Knapps Meadow. I this 1960 photo the east end of the sideing had been removed from here to the road crossing see in the distance. (Don Biggs photo)

It's 1971 and the Western Maryland is putting back the siding at Knapps Meadows. The first shot is looking east and then west towards the crossing. (1971, Don Biggs photos)

Looking west down the Cumberland Westernport & Electric at Knapps Meadow. The C&P is on the bank on the right and the George's Creek & Cumberland crosses the valley on the trestle. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

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