Lonaconing (Coney)

A 17 car side track and station was at Lonaconing.

C&P's Lonaconing Station Siding photographed in 1968. I believe this is looking railroad west towards Westernport but not sure. (Don Biggs photo)

Looking west and east from the crossing just west of the station site at Lonaconing on April 13, 2013.

C&P motor car #101 has stopped at the depot at Lonaconing. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

This was the former C&P Lonaconing Depot photographed in August 1944. After closing the depot would stand until 1960 when is was torn down by the Western Maryland. All of the remaining C&P Depots were dismantled by the WM. Only the Frostburg Depot remained. That depot still had a WM agent working in it Monday through Friday.

Looking west and east from the crossing at the station in Lonaconing. (2007)

Looking west and east at the C&P track in Lonaconing, Md. In the second photo you can see that the roadbed has been washed out from under part of the track. This is one of two "washouts" on the line and is one of the main reasons it is to be abandoned by CSX. (10-31-05)

A view of the smaller washout from down at the creek bed. This is an easy fix to get the track back in service at this point. By looks of the fresh ballast in the photo above, it appears that CSX has had a previous problem here. (10-31-05)

These two photos prove that this area (also pictured above) have been problem areas for the C&P and CSX. The first photo is looking east towards the Sloan Glass Factory during the flood of 1936. The second photo is the same area again washed out in 1996. That second photo is looking west towards the downtown Lonaconing street crossing. (thanks to Randall Richardson for these two photos)

This was the former Sloan Glass Factory in Lonaconing. The factory was located directly across from the silk mill at what is now the town ball field. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

Two photos from 1969, both looking west from in front of the silk mill at Lonaconing. (1969, Don Biggs photos)

Looking east up the C&P main alongside the former Lonaconing Silk Mill. This mill is the only known Silk Mill in the United States. It is known that the workers walked off the job back in the 1940's and that the building is still the same way inside that is was. (10-31-05)

Looking west and east from the crossing east of the silk mill in Lonaconing on April 13, 2013.

Coal sidetrack and tipple in Loncaconing. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

Cumberland & Westernport Electric in Lonaconing

Two photos in Lonaconing along the road which is also the route of the Cumberland & Westernport Electric. (thanks to Randall Richardson for photos)

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