3 car capacity side track

A view looking down on Midland and the C&P tracks n old right-of-way of the GC&C RR. (Thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

A C&P train heads east up the grade passing the Hotel Bowen which still stands today but is a tavern. (Thanks to Randall Richardson for photo)

A very old photo looking at the former C&P Midland Station.

B880 taking empties through Midland with 5787 leading. (Al Moran photo). I took a photo looking east at the tracks in Midland in 2011. Its been quite a few years since trains have been up this far.

A other very old photo looking east on the C&P at Midland.

Looking east and west from 2 side streets that cross the railroad in Midland. In these 2011 photos you can see a WM crossbuck needs so attention.

The C&P crosses the creek on this bridge in the small town of Midland. These photos are both looking east up the track towards Frostburg. (10-31-05)

The C&P crosses this road by a small park in Midland, Md. The crossbuck is an original WM. Not many are left but this trackage still has alot of WM artifacts. (10-09-10)

The track leaving Midland eastbound turns into a weed grown tracks from this point east. At one point near Carlos Jct. a switch point has been removed and dragged down the track a ways. (10-31-05)

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